Good Books 2023

This week on the Vintage RPG Podcast, we’re looking at some cool books that came out in 2023. Perhaps in a novel twist on frequency bias, Stu noticed a bunch of books hitting shelves that, like steak and red wine, seem to pair well with his own Monsters, Aliens, and Holes in the Ground in a variety of ways. So here we are, chatting about Adam Rowe’s Worlds Beyond Time, Astral Eyes’ Spell Bound, Aaron A. Reed’s 50 Years of Text Games, the two-volume Talking Miniatures from Shaggy Dog Publishing and the truly astounding Arik Roper retrospective, Vision of the Hawk. Call it a holiday gift guide – if you like our work, we bet you’ll like theirs!

* * *

Worlds Beyond Time is available via Barnes & Noble (and Amazon, but ugh).Your best bet for getting Spell Bound is to follow Bibliomancers on Instagram – they regularly post stock and shop links in their stories.The offset printed edition of 50 Years of Text Games is sold out, but you can still get print-on-demand editions.The best bet for Talking Miniatures, in the US at least, is probably Amazon (sign).In the US, you can get Vision of the Hawk through MIT Press. In the UK, buy direct from Strange Attractor.

* * *

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