Blood in the Darkness (1990)

The second volume of the Doomstones campaign is Blood in the Darkness (1990). If you liked the first one, you’ll like this one. If not, well, this is basically the same stuff. Traverse some difficult countryside, fight some monsters. There are live orcs in this one, at the shrine that serves as the destination and the repository of the Crystal of Earth. For what it is, it’s pretty OK, it just isn’t what I want.

The lower levels of the shrine are a bit more Tomb of Horrors than I was expecting. There are hints and handouts that kind of clue in players to what kind of traps they might encounter. Those traps, well, the one main trap, is a doozy. I don’t know how I feel about it! On the one hand, it makes sense: it is there to kill intruders and prevent them from getting further into the vault. Most traps in RPGs are not designed so efficiently, and I appreciate that. I also like the way the handouts help the players out, which addresses my concern about the unfairness of Tomb of Horrors. But I dunno, I think this trap is just gonna kill parties no matter what, you know? And that…is not my ideal outcome. Maybe I’m wrong, it could be easier to figure out in play.

Tony Ackland does the bulk of the interior art, and it is good. I am not sure who does the cover because, again, it is not credited.

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