Dwarf Wars (1990)

Dwarf Wars (1990) is the final part of the Doomstones campaign, though you wouldn’t know it from the cover, which lacks all mention of the Doomstones. A note on the back cover says this “is a stand-alone adventure and can be used as the fourth part of the Doomstones Campaign…” which is such a weird thing to say, considering it is all about recovering the fourth Crystal of Power. I don’t understand why they put that rhetorical distance between this installment and the rest of the campaign it caps off.

In terms of interestingness, it is probably second behind Death Rock (but in terms of quality, it is probably the least of the volumes). The final crystal is in an abandoned dwarven stronghold which is currently being excavated by one faction of dwarves in hope of finding the crystal to prevent a civil war. Another faction of dwarves is arriving soon, so the investigation of the ruin has a timetable a bit like Death Rock. I have a hard time caring about either of these dwarf factions though.

Weirder still, this doesn’t finish the campaign. The adventure ends abruptly, but threads dangle — the stones are powerful and probably tainted by Tzeentch and should be destroyed, but…there is no guidance for that. A fifth part was published by Hogshead in 2001, more than a decade later, but it doesn’t sound like it satisfied folks, even if it was written by Robin Laws. I haven’t seen a good explanation as to why Flame didn’t produce a finale, either — they were around for another couple years…

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