The Darkstryder Campaign wraps up with the appropriately though generically named Endgame (1996). Unlike the previous volumes, this is one big scenario supported by a fair amount of material detailing the world where the final conflict takes place. True to Star Wars form, that conflict is split between a massive space battle and hijinx on […]

With The Kathol Rift (1996), the Darkstryder Campaign gets weird. The Rift is a chaotic region of space with a dark history. The area is full of anomalies, thanks to some ancient Force-related conflicts, and, well, it causes elaborate hallucinations. This the Event Horizon portion of our campaign. First off, maintaining communications with the universe […]

The adventures from the Darkstryder box set handle the major plot beats in the more civilized portion of the Kathol sector. The Kathol Outback (1996), as the name implies, handles the beats as the FarStar penetrates into lesser known regions. There are some interesting scenarios here, the most interesting being a mostly diplomatic one involving […]