Different Worlds 5 (October/November 1979) has a sweet Bakshi-esque cover from Tom Clark. I like this one a lot. My Life and Roleplaying is back, with John Snider, a long-time player in Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor campaign, and Scott Bizar, the owner/publisher of Fantasy Games Unlimited (Bunnies & Burrows, Chivalry & Sorcery, Bushido, etc). Also interesting: […]

Different World 4 (August/September 1979) has a sweet cartoony Jennell Jaquays cover (colored by Steve Oliff, the dude who would eventually trailblaze computer color for comics with the Epic Comics import of Akira – I knew that name was familiar when I saw it in issue 2). I appreciate the glaring yellow backing. No Life […]

Different Worlds 3 (June/July 1979) features one of my favorite early covers, by Tom Clark. FGU’s Bushido gets a warm review. B. Dennis Sustare also contributes an adventure site for Bunnies & Burrows (which is more support than the game ever got from FGU). My Life and Roleplaying features Dave Arneson (D&D, duh) and Steve […]

Let’s have a quick look at some early issues of Chaosium’s Different Worlds magazine. This is the second issue, from April/May of 1979 (I think; they actually neglected to note that anywhere that I can see). First thing, in the copyright matter, it says they pay $50 for color cover art, which, wow, that is […]