What the heck is this? A knock-off of a knock-off? Maybe! That cover painting is obviously the same as the Dungeons of Castlelon box from Dimensions for Children for the Dragonriders of the Styx line. But it’s produced by a New York company called ToyCo, apparently for distribution in Canada (hence the French). The inset […]

December potpourri month continues, though posts are pretty toy-centric this week. This is the very controversial Dungeons of Castlelon (1981), the cheap Hong Kong toy playset for the Dragonriders of the Styx line that got Dimensions for Children in trouble with TSR. Why? Because the snake people and the pig people toys are basically 1:1 […]

Fires of Shandarr is pretty great through and through. For starters, it introduces the the “flaming men,” which weirdly rip of Dave Sutherland’s shambling mound illustration — it’s the only set to include them! They might be my favorite. Instead of a regular castle, this one includes a castle that is on fire. That sure […]

The playset that got Dragonriders in trouble was Demons of Castlelon — I don’t have that one, but I suspect it is another BIG box like the original. The subsequent playsets, though, are much smaller (including Forest of Doom, which I posted about last summer) and come in clamshell boxes that supposedly double as “castles” […]

I think at this point y’all should be familiar with the basic story of Dragonriders of the Styx, the cheapie toy line from the Hong Kong outfit Dimensions for Children. The original line were solid plastic figures in the mode of army men, but with a fantasy theme that was liberally inspired by (read: stolen […]

OK, so, the second Dragonriders of the Styx line? The action figures I posted a few weeks back? That line had “vehicles.” One is a deeply horrific horse demon that I dearly want to own. The others are weird sled-like things, one skull themed, the other bat demon themed. They’re pretty great, too, but expensive […]

Special Saturday post, because there are six of these jokers and may as well finish it out, right? This is Ragnar the Barbarian. He looks…like a barbarian! My least favorite in the line, but still appealing in the same ways — simple, clean lines. He’s just a bit too generic and the color scheme is […]

Demon Warrior is awesome. You can do no wrong with the a black and red color scheme. The big black wings (attached by a peg in the back that is likely very prone to breakage) are dramatic. I love the big bat-style ears and his round, tooth-filled mouth. It reminds me of some of Mike […]