Like its companion book, Samurai with Katana, I suspect Ninja with Ninjato (1985) was released to capitalize on the success of Oriental Adventures for D&D. Despite the top bar on both books indicating it was part of a larger series of “Heroes and Monsters of Medieval Japan,” no further installments appeared. Unlike the Samurai, who […]

I’ve talked about the Lost World combat game books at least once before. They’re a novel little modular game in which you hand your opponent the book featuring your character, which is illustrated in a first person perspective, as though that character is attacking them. Players choose moves (which are limited or unlocked by a […]

Hello friends! We’re running remastered repeats for the holidays. I thought the Coloring Album would, in some way, speak to warm memories of childhood Christmas gifts. Whether or not that’s apt, we hope your holidays are rad! Original notes: This week on the Vintage RPG Podcast, we flip through the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Coloring Album (1979), written […]