This is the Epyx edition of Rogue (1985), which is the first commercial port of a game that had been, in various forms, freely distributed previously. It’s so massively influential, there is a sub-genre — roguelikes — named after it. Its a dungeon-crawler distinguished by key features. First, every time you enter the dungeon complex, […]

While I often profess to not have a sense of humor, I have a real fondness for Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy books. I find them quite funny! I got the paperbacks with the little round green guy at book fairs at my elementary school — I think I’d read through the first […]

The Keys of Acheron (1981) is the first expansion for Epyx’s Hellfire Warrior (which I posted about back in December). It’s kind of interesting, because up to this point, all the DunjonQuest games were sort of the story of one character (I say sort of because you only get that info in the manual, not […]

This is Emperor of the Fading Suns, the 4X strategy videogame, released by Holistic Design simultaneously with the Fading Suns tabletop RPG in 1996. It was my first exposure to Fading Suns, so it seemed appropriate to start there. Unfortunately, I don’t know if you know this, but playing games from 1996 is a lot […]