Faded World, as you might infer from the title, is post-apocalyptic. Post-post, really. Something wiped humanity out (roll a d12 to find out what!) and the world has mostly moved on, though there are still fragments of our civilization to be found. Players take the roles of animals who explore and interact in the ruins […]

Oh hey, it’s Jack Harrison again, with a pretty, story-focused game. This one is called Bucket of Bolts (2021) and has a genuine sense of ennui about it (probably because it draws on Skeletons, Jason Morningstar’s game/musing on mortality). Bucket of Bolts is an envelope. Inside is a single sheet of riso-printed paper that is […]

The Bureau (2022) is an adventure zine for Goblin Archives’ Liminal Horror RPG (a horror hack of Cairn), though conversion rules are included for Agents of ODD, The Company and Mothership. Basically, this is an RPG version of Remedy’s 2019 videogame Control. There are some other influences, and a good number of new and interesting […]

Let Us In (2021) is Luke Rejec’s very brief, very brilliant little Halloween zine. It is system agnostic — you can probably play it with the ultra light resolution system provided (a single paragraph long!) or you can bolt the pre-generated characters’ special abilities onto another light system of choice. I’d suggest Tunnel Goons, perhaps. […]