AC1: The Shady Dragon Inn (1983)

This is AC1: The Shady Dragon Inn, a supplement for the basic Dungeons & Dragons game (another bit of weirdness, considering the toy line was branded as Advanced Dungeons & Dragons), one of two places Warduke (and other characters from the toy line) appeared in an RPG context. It is basically just a collection of pre-generated NPCs of various types, with the toy characters thrown in at the end. An attempt was made to give them all an interlinked backstory: they were all friends until they were exposed to the Heartstone, which refined their personal attributes into a purer form. Strongheart the Paladin became even more good, while Warduke, presumably previously a complicated man, became unrepentantly evil. It’s all rather silly and of dubious use to a DM.

One interesting thing, though, is that the characters include a handful, like Zargash and Foxfingers, who never became toys. Which is a shame, because they look pretty cool.

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