Book of Crypts (1991)

Book of Crypts is a collection of short adventures for Ravenloft, released in 1991.

First, let’s talk about the Dave Dorman cover. Dorman, I think, is best known for his Star Wars illustrations. It’s a damn shame he didn’t do more D&D work, because man, I love this cover. The crypt and its ghouls ooze foulness. I can practically smell the musty air. One of my favorite Ravenloft covers.

The collection is a mixed bag of mostly mediocre scenarios, an alarming number of which seem to assume that the party is not very smart. The best adventure also turns on an unfortunate multiple personalities cliché, something I would not be comfortable running with now. The second best – The Cedar Chest – is a serial killer hunt with a diabolical twist that, upon re-reading, made me want to run it for Halloween as a one-shot.

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