Thongor – His Doom In The Eye Of A Skeletal King (2018)

This is His Doom in the Eye of a Skeletal King, by Thongor. This is a delightfully niche project, inspired by the hero of Lin Carter’s barbarian novel Thongor of Lemuria (later revised and reissued as Thongor and the Dragon City). Thongor also briefly starred in a Marvel comic series in the 70s. You can also hear a fair amount of Basil Poledouris’ Conan soundtracks lurking at the edges.

The notes on the Heimat der Katastrophe Bandcamp page specifically cite “Spectre of Valkarth Warrior” as being inspired by the Commodore 64 game Barbarian (1987). I have only vague recollections of the game, but I sure do remember the box art. You can go and Google that. Awkward. Anyway, a lot of the HDK releases note some obvious fascination with early game system sound cards and that comes through pretty strongly in this track.

This album has my current favorite dungeon synth track, “Desecrating the Sepulcher” (which sounds as much like a black metal thing as it does a barbarian thing). Something about that maddening metronome of a drum and the sparse melody. It is spooky as hell, and pretty tense to boot!

You can check out Thongor and the other HDK releases on their Bandcamp page.

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