Zandar Zan – Thug Life In Tsargol (2019)

Thug Life in Tsargol, by Zandar Zan, is inspired by a character in Lin Carter’s Thongor comics: Zandar Zan, the best thief in Tsargol. This one is way more sci-fi in its vibes, for me. I get a strong mix of like, Blade Runner and what the soundtrack to the 80s He-Man live action movie should have been? Which I guess is still a barbarian vibe, just a slightly sci-fi barbarian. I dunno, listen to the first track, “Thug Life in Tsargol” and tell me if you can’t picture a flying car and a night city and some jacked up cyberpunk smoking cigarettes.

“The Sky Over Patanga” and “Just a Mercenary” are probably the standout tracks for me, though the whole thing has good vibes.

You can check out Zandar Zan and the other HDK releases on their Bandcamp page. Also, Happy Thanksgiving?

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