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Inferno Road (2018)

When folks started throwing around “its like Mad Max: Fury Road in Hell” ahead of the release of Descent into Avernus, I was excited, because that is the sort of weirdness I want out of D&D. Then the book came out and the Road Warrior aspect of the book was small and seemed kind of like an afterthought.

Inferno Road, though, that’s the real deal, man. By Doug Kovacs and Wayne Snyder, it is a stand-alone module for Dungeon Crawl Classics. You start as grubs in hell, with an infernal patron and an infinite hunger for souls. They’ve been dropped onto the Inferno Road to capture Satan’s doom wagon and steal his wives.  Each player has two past lives which they can use to manifest related items. They can also eat souls to get physical upgrades and new forms (but get killed and find yourself as a sub-grub, which is an edible soul for other devils…including your friends at the table…). So get out there, burn rubber and murder your way to glory.

There is all sorts of fun stuff crammed in here. The different devil forms are gnarly and weird and since they are determined using a spinner, the random combinations will result in some interesting party compositions. Plenty of random charts, too, for past lives, gross physical upgrades, hell prince generation, mini bosses and, perhaps most importantly, vehicle generation.

The vehicles here are bonkers, just totally crazy death machines roaring through hell (and some devil forms have built in wheels, adding to the gnarl). And the main point of the game is to crash through this infernal destruction derby…forever. You might not realize it at first, because of all the mayhem, but you can’t ever catch the doom wagon. You’re just trapped in an endless cycle of carnage and destruction – after all, hell is supposed to be a punishment.

Is Inferno Road for everybody? Nope, not at all. It probably leans too NSFW for most folks. But it sure is weird and different, and I love weird and different.

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