Apocalypse (1993)

This is Apocalypse (1993), appropriately the final box set in the Demons line of Role Aids products from Mayfair Games (there are also four Monstrous Compendium-style appendices, if you can believe it, but I don’t own them [yet]).

So you got demons. You got angels. Now you gotta have ‘em fight for dominion over creation, naturally. The sourcebook, with illustrations mimicking Tarot cards and old apocalyptic woodcuts (nice touch), is basically a tool kit for Armageddon and is, for my money, the best part of the whole line. It focuses on the big picture, without bothering with the established lore of the series, and the ideas and structures – for all sorts of apocalypses and their aftermaths – are a good starting point for the dramatic end of any homebrew campaign world. I’d very much like to see contemporary designers take a crack at the idea in here (and, honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Skerples has this on their shelf after reading Magical Industrial Revolution).

There is a lengthy adventure that applies these ideas to the Demons lore and it works relatively well, but I am not terribly invested in that material. As an example, though, it underscores the potential in the main book. The box is rounded out by a massive pile of handouts for the adventure.

Cover art this time is by Carl Critchlow. I keep looking at it and mistakenly believing it is another Glenn Fabry, or a very conservative Simon Bisley, but it is not. Funny thing: Critchlow later contributed art to Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss for D&D 3E.

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