X7: The War Rafts of Kron (1984)

If you like Aquaman, X7: The War Rafts of Kron (1984) is for you. I don’t particularly care for Aquaman.

What we have here is four adventure locations connected by an underwater wilderness full of random encounters. I guess that means it is a hex crawl, but it doesn’t really feel like one. The PCs are tasked with stopping a sudden uptick in shipping raids. Those raids are carried out by a partnership between a city of tritons and a raft city (which is admittedly pretty cool) whose high sorcerer is wormtonguing the king, on behalf of a sea vampire who lives in a nearby sunken city. There is also a friendly storm giant named Koom. I like him. I am less jazzed on just about everything else.

This might be a me-problem. I hate the underwater level of everything. It never rises above annoying gimmick for me. A perfect illustration of this is the fact that X7’s first two pages are devoted to new rules for underwater stuff, instead of, like, a summary of the adventure. Also, making the villain a vampire-but-underwater. It is just weak sauce, sorry.

Still, Jeff Butler delivers some nice clean art. His comic book background shows through, particularly in the one illustration that is basically the Son of Satan riding a sea horse chariot. I approve. Decent Elmore cover painting, too, though I feel like it is a watered down version (pun intended?) of one of his Dragonlance jams.

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