Feretory (2020)

Feretory is the first zine from the Mörk Borg Cult, collecting material created by the Mörk Borg community. Not entirely, though – Mörk Borg writer Pelle Nilsson penned a handful of things here, including a very good monster generator and the forlorn philosopher class. Johan Nohr handles all the art and layout as well, so it matches the look and feel of the Mörk Borg hardcover. They even managed to get a couple pages, including the front cover, to have metallic ink, something that feels particularly novel for the zine format.

As is only appropriate for a blackened doom metal RPG, there is no middle ground with Mörk Borg. You’re either all in or cashed out already and Feretory isn’t going to change you mind either way. I’m all in. I love the look of it, the attitude, even while acknowledging it is way over the top; any danger here is thoroughly doused in camp and I find it very appealing, like Halloween.

The main criticism I saw of the core book was that there was no there there, that the system was thin and mainly a justification for the outlandish artwork and design. Hipster art book with RPG flavoring, basically. I think Feretory should begin to dispel that misconception – there is a sturdy, flexible system under all that delightfully Satanic art and bright colors. Feretory’s community origin is proof of that, as is the frankly astounding amount of community material NOT collected in Feretory. People like making stuff for this game. It is an easy game to make stuff for. It’s hard to scoff at a community submission project that has to close periodically because of so many submissions.

Also included in my copy (which I think is the Kickstarter edition, but it is hard to keep track of stuff like that) is a fun, stripped down solo version of the game called Dark Fort. Worth the price of admission right there.

Oh, and a feretory, by the way, is a portable case for the transportation of the bones of a saint.

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