Campaign Hexagon System (1977)

Smartly, around the same time they essentially created the hex crawl style of D&D exploration adventure with Wilderlands of High Fantasy (1977), Judges Guild realized that folks would need hex paper to fully enjoy the experience. Thus, the Campaign Hexagon System (1977), a booklet of blank hex paper. Thrilling!

So, D&D used a standard of five miles per hex. So, the big Wilderlands maps, those hexes are five miles across. These map sheets have a large hex superimposed over the small hexes that represents the 5-mile hex. The smaller hexes — all 625 of them — are 0.2 miles each (about the same length as a block in my town), allowing you to fill in the fine grain detail of the terrain. Or, maybe ultra-fine. Each big hex takes about an hour to traverse, so the number of hexes you’d go through feels like too many. While also feeling like maybe not enough. I have trouble with scaling this kind of abstraction, though, so maybe it is just me.

There are some random tables that supplement the Wilderlands tables. Other than that, though, just empty hexes here!

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