Temple Book I (1981)

I bought Temple Book I (1981) entirely on the merit of the cover. I knew the maps weren’t going to be great, but I didn’t care, I love that cover. It is hard to track this sort of thing, but it might be the first Judges Guild cover I ever encountered in the wild — learning that there were third party D&D publications back in the day blew my mind!

Anyway, the usefulness of this book is questionable (like all the modular map books, honestly, though this one in particular). The maps are fine, and easy to read, but just giving me room layouts is less than helpful. I’ve never been to a temple! I have no idea what all those rooms could be! I don’t want detailed descriptions, just the name or purpose of the room. Is that the high priest’s quarters or a processional? Is that the dressing room or the storage room? Give me a hint and these would be infinitely more useful.

As usually, I’m in it for the random tables. These are a particularly good batch: offerings, curses, a reaction table for sentient temples, relics and the usual matrix meant for constructing your own.

Speaking of curses, this book invoked the Curse of the RPG Book Labeled Volume One — there is no Temple Book II.

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