In the Musical Vein (1991)

In the Musical Vein (1991) is a another variety pack of stuff for Nightlife. The main attraction is an adventure that revolves around strange goings on in the local music scene, specifically a new club that shares the name of the book. I honestly can’t bear to read it closely — it somehow gets from rock clubs to a corporation making weird human torsos full of a variety of substances and I just don’t want to get my head around it. The music stuff…it all feels like a dream of a music scene, put together by someone who only ever heard about a music scene instead of having any first hand experience with one. I kind of like that, but it is also damn strange. The notions about music in here are odd, the monster folk seem to like eclectic mixes of styles and genres that, at least on paper, sound awful. The list of Kin standards includes “My Way,” “Cliffs of Dover,” “Stairway to Heaven,” “Walk this Way” and more. Can’t they just listen to Bauhaus like normal vampires?

Oh, speaking of, Frank Zappa is a vampire and his name in the game is Dweezil Dad and I hate it.

More factions and races and stuff, too. The most interesting bit is “Dining on the Waterfront,” about hunting potential victims to eat, which is neat.  

Man, that cover, too. Jeeze.

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