America After Dark (1991)

America After Dark (1991) seeks to expand the universe of Nightlife. The core game assumed play takes place in New York City. This book provides information on Chicago, Cleveland, Houston, DC, a fictional town in Pennsylvania and, for good measure, NYC too. Locations of note, NPCs, local bands and faction are all run down at light speed and tied together by a sprawling yet light on detail adventure at the back of the book. I’m all for brevity, but six cities in 96 pages is a bit much.

It is also impressive because just four books into the line now and Nightlife already packed its shadowy monster underworld with more monster races, sorcerers, factions and gangs than can conceivably be believed to co-exist in secret in the modern world. It took the World of Darkness way more than four books to start feeling this overcrowded.

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