Kinrise (1992)

TMNT and Other Strangeness got After the Bomb, Nightlift got Kinrise (1992), a sourcebook that wonders what a monster-filled post apocalypse might look like. Of course there are giant humanoid cockroaches (roach boys) and giant humanoid rats (ver-men). There are new factions, like the resurgent faeries and the cult of mother earth, which is all about biotechnology. More space is devoted to humans after the apocalypse than the monsters, actually — in part because a lot of new hazards, like radiation, aren’t a problem for the Kin. It’s busy, breezy, but ultimately feels under-baked. The fact that all these books are 96 pages means that everything is underdeveloped. Still, a lot of ideas for an amateur product and gobs of heart. Nightlife is of dubious quality, but it is never not charming.

The production values are getting a bit better, too. This is the first book to feature art by Christina Wald. I dig her super clean lines.

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