Night Moves (1993)

Man, I really don’t know what the hell is going on on the cover of Night Moves (1993). At this point all I can really think about is that weird late-night vampire detective show. Forever Knight? Was that good? I feel like if the sun snuck up on him, sometimes he’d sleep in the trunk of his detective car? I am already more interested in that show than this book.

This is it, though, the big finish, in with the human-friendly Kin faction is assaulted by…a less human friendly kin faction. For the fate of the city? Nah, for the fate of a night club. The bad guys have droids. I think there is something of a love triangle between two vampires and ghost. I honestly don’t know. Unlike all the other Nightlife books, this one is just one long adventure, which you would think would give it room to breath, but nope, still underbaked. Ah well. Christina Wald art on the interior is nice though.

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