Ringlerun (1984)

OK, so, this is kind of interesting for my LJN D&D toy nerds out there. In addition to the regular action figure line, the bendy monster line and the PVC monster line, there was also a line of PVC miniatures. I’ve seen a box set of PVC miniatures of the kids from the cartoon that was apparently released in the test market in Spain in small numbers. I’ve also seen a box set that contains miniatures versions of some of the regular action figures — Kelek, Warduke, Strongheart, Elkhorn, Zarak and Ringlerun. What I didn’t know, until I found a couple, was that some of the miniatures were sold in individual blister packs, like this one of Ringlerun.

Apparently it was some sort of co-branding with Matchbox? Like most every other part of the LJN D&D Toy story, I love them, but I don’t understand them at all. They’re too big to be used as D&D miniatures!

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