Z4 7

Black Knights (2021)

This is Black Knights (2021), and it is one of my favorite zines. Just look at that art! Absolutely gorgeous.

So, the art for this is by David Hoskins and was on his art site, unnoticed, for a quite a while before the pieces were (I believe) expanded on and fashioned into a set of unusual Troika backgrounds penned by Luke Gearing. You can, of course, use them any way you want, but the intention here seem to be to have an entire party of Black Knights facing off against the mechanical dragon included in the center of the zine. Which is also awesome, by the way.

Hoskins’ art is so good in general, but kind of more so here because of the unusual way he’s stylized them. I get some Dark Souls vibes, but also Aubrey Beardsley? I dunno, I could stare at these for hours. I only reprinted a couple here, definitely track down the zine and pay the man to get the full effect.

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