CM5: Mystery of the Snow Pearls (1985)

Heh, so, this is CM5: Mystery of the Snow Pearls (1985). In an utterly weird development, it is a novelty solo module that uses a red “magic viewer” to reveal text hidden by red ink (think the old game Password). Usually solos, especially gimmick solos, either show up at the end of the module series or get their own module code. Like MV1: Midnight on Dagger Alley, where MV literally stands for Magic Viewer. I dunno how this one snuck into the middle of the CM-series, but here we are.

It seems pretty thick for a gimmick solo. The inner cover has all sorts of odd treasure things and there is a giant fold-out map. But aside of the intro text, the pre-generated character and the back cover, everything is obscured by red masking. I only have so much patience, so I have no idea if this module is any good. An insane Elminster cosplayer stole a magic pearl and you need to get it back.

I actually kind of suspect this one is good. At the very least I am intrigued by the sheer size of the module, but I find the red masking maybe the worst of the gimmicks. Gimme the magic pen, at least then I can, like, refer to stuff I’ve already revealed, you know? (Have you played it? Tell me about it!)

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