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A Pound of Flesh (2019)

The original Mothership zine was the rules, Dead Planet was the adventure that showed how it worked while pretty much killing off all the players. A Pound of Flesh (2019) shows us how to play Mothership in an ongoing campaign by providing a space station hub to explore, use as a base of operations and, eventually, die screaming in once everything falls apart.

The station is called Prospero’s Dream (there are all sorts of soft Shakespeare references throughout, and also a random table of docked ships all named after Behemoth songs). At its most basic, it isn’t really a pleasant place — there slums full of mutants, mercs, sketchy surgeons, seedy nightlife. Money flows back and forth between power brokers. There are plenty of seeds here for adventures off-station, and in this, the Dream functions as sort of a deep space version of Planescape’s Sigil. Over time, though, as players get to know the place, it becomes clear that (like Sigil) it is a pressure cooker rigged to blow.

There are multiple potential bombs. The GM can opt to set them all off. I won’t spoil them, but know that there is amazing potential for mayhem here.

That’s not all, though. There are supplemental rules for cybernetics and custom grown clones, as well as extremely cool modular rules for creating your own space stations, complete with exhaustive random tables. The graphic design is as overstuffed as you’d expect, this time with pink as the main color. What’s not to love?

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