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Black Pyramid (2020)

Black Pyramid (2020) is a great example of a third-party Mothership zine and how well the game is suited for this sort of product and expansion. It is weird as hell, uses the Mothership rules well and stands entirely on its own as a one-shot while also tapping all the things that Tuesday Knight has mapped out for what a Mothership experience should feel like.

The pitch is simple: a giant black pyramid shows up near Mars and the players make up most of the team sent to investigate it. There are periodic waves of distortion or some weird energy that make a strange situation stranger. Some people’s faces are gonna fall off and probably everyone dies at the end! Some of that (faces falling off, everyone dying) feels like Mothership, some of it doesn’t (ancient Egyptian astronauts, our solar system), and that subtle blend creates the pleasing surprise that is the experience.

The concept is great, it works as a fab one-shot and Skull Dixon’s art is perfect for his scenario. Snag it, play it.

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