The Horn of Roland (1984)

The weirdness of Lords of Creation doesn’t let up in the adventures. They’re nicely packaged, gotta say, each in a slim half inch box, complete with handouts. Avalon Hill had its own presses, so what their RPGs lacked in mechanical polish they more than made up for in presentation.

Anyway, this is The Horn of Roland (1984), the introductory adventure. It starts with a murder at a gaming convention in a fictional Massachusetts town (yup, you read that right) and involves a feud between two Lords of Creation (reminiscent of some of the threads in D&D’s M-series of modules, one of which was penned by Moldvay). From there, the action moves to the Bermuda Triangle. Both the Flying Dutchman and the Wild Hunt are involved. So is Cyrano De Bergerac? Just look at the illustrations to get a sense of how unhinged this adventure is. This introductory adventure!

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