The Yeti Sanction (1984)

The second Lords of Creation adventure, The Yeti Sanction (1984), sees the players recruited by the CIA in order to rescue the Secretary of State, who has been kidnapped. OK, makes sense so far. But how are Yeti involved? Well, he’s been kidnapped by terrorists based at Mount Everest. Those terrorists are funded by aliens who have been transforming humans into Yeti. In attempting to deal with those aliens, there is a hyperspace accident and another group of worse aliens get involved. After destroying them, the players find a gate…to the next adventure!

Seriously, the pace of these adventures is mind-boggling. They are constantly escalating, to the point it is almost comical. There is certainly nothing else like them that I’ve encountered, even among consistently over-the-top games like Rifts, or even obscure ones like Metascape. I would love to have heard the production meetings. How did Moldvay convince Avalon Hill to invest a significant amount of capital into this line?

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