AC2 1

AC2: Combat Shield and Mini-Adventure

Looking at the AC-series modules this week. Well, not modules; AC stands for Accessories, and they’re aimed at the basic D&D line. This one is a pretty standard screen (though fronted with some lovely Easley monsters — I love this trio of creeps) and a short module (1984). I think brown is a bold choice of color here, and I am into it.

The module is actually worth a look — The Treasure of the Hideous One, by Zeb Cook. It is a little swamp-based treasure hunt that can be inserted anywhere, really. 100 years ago an expedition went off in search of something and never came back. It’s a time-worn set-up and that is great because it disguises a pretty big twist — the expedition leader is still alive (after a fashion). This is the rare module that doesn’t necessarily have to climax in violence (though that is likely, honestly) and peace is probably in the player’s interest — levels four to seven aren’t really equipped to square off against a vampire. Cool stuff.

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