Thieves’ Guild 4 (1982)

I did Thieves’ Guild II and 3 back in September of last year, so here is Thieves’ Guild 4. This is the second printing from 1982, which sports a nicer cover. Each of these numbered expansions usually has a section of new rules followed by some scenarios. Gamelords honestly expected folks to cut these books up and file them into the proper sections of a binder — the inside cover here even has a convoluted guide for renumbering older pages to conform to a new scheme. It’s bewildering.

Anyway, the rules in this one are for sensing ambushes, spotting hidden thing and tailing, all of which were incorporated into the main book for the 1984 box set. There are two scenarios — a burglary and an armed robbery of a caravan. Both are set against the backdrop of a war in the underworld between the established thieves guild and a new organization called the Black Hand.

The burglary involves breaking into the guild’s treasure chambers and stealing the skull and skeletal hands of its earliest known master, which is just absolutely great and the perfect way to start a war. The detail given for Rogue’s Roost is intricate — there are lots of ways to do lots of things in this scenario.

The robbery is interesting because it is written to pit two groups of players — some guild thieves, some from the Black Hand — against each other. Again there are lots of options here. It is, in fact, two different scenarios — one involving smugglers on the docks, the other involving an overland caravan — which the players can choose between.

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