Champions III (1984)

Champions III (1984) is cut from the same cloth as Champions II — it is still a weird potpourri of stuff, but it is also a little bit older and wiser and well-organized now. There are new powers (wait, shapeshifting wasn’t an option before?), new disadvantages, lots more record sheets (including a calendar template?). The most curious thing here is the Character Generator, which uses dice and templates to create a character. This is weird because it is sort of the opposite of the point of the point-buy system, which is complete control over customization. But I guess some folks just want to get to the action with their weirdo random superhero.

A fun bit is devoted to the creation and traversal of danger rooms. There is also a nice section of advice for running superhero campaigns (ahhh, that’s what the calendar is for).

Great Mark Williams cover, I love the fact that two of the science goons are wearing lab coats over their spandex. I’m also a sucker for a death ray.

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