Enemies (1982)

If you’re going to run a superhero game, you’re going to need some villains. That’s where Enemies (1982) comes in.

This is the equivalent of a Monster Manual for Champions I guess (though, really, it sets the template for the who’s who guidebooks you’d see a few years later for the DC and Marvel RPGs). There are so many weirdos in here. Seriously, this book, and its sequels, capture the bizarre energy of real comic villains, who are just as absurd — you just take Doctor Octopus and Mr. Freeze seriously because the decades have worn you down.

Some are just remixes of existing villains. Binder, for instance, is just Trapster (of all people) with the serial number filed off. There there are improbable villains like Slick, whose power is to be frictionless, like Lube Man in the Watchmen TV show. Champions was so ahead of its time!

Other standouts include Panda, Raccoon and a lady who uses frizbees as weapons named, you guessed it, Frizbee. The freakiest is Leech, who was turned into a weird monster man with suckers for hands and feet by a mysterious stranger. He now roams the waterways, thinking only about feeding and having “revenge on handsome people, who remind him of his horrible features.”

Absolutely priceless. Worth its weight in gold.

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