Enemies II (1982)

Man, look at those goons on the cover of Enemies II (1982)!

So, Enemies II introduces a couple important mascot villains for Champions. First is Professor Muerte and his terror organization Terror, Incorporated. His job is mostly to look cool and do a decent Doctor Doom impersonation. The second is Foxbat, who was once a rich comic nerd who turned to supervillainy when he lost his fortune. He’s absolutely insane and, though a villain, is a kind of delirious send-up of teeth-gritting characters of the era like Wolverine, Batman, Punisher and Daredevil. So serious, always monologuing.

Plenty of other dinguses in here. Slug is the weirdest — he was an archaeologist who entered a cursed tomb and got a magic gem and was turned into a weird worm person who needs a humidity suit to survive? Not the sort of cursed Egyptian villain I expected, honestly. My favorite is Black Paladin though. Look at that mother, with a big inverted cross on his chest. During the Satanic Panic? That dude knows no fear!

Mark Williams is on illustration duty. Dude brings energy to otherwise ridiculous characters, I will give him that.

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