SF3 3

SF2: Starspawn of Volturnus (1982)

SF1 doesn’t culminate so much as lead directly into SF2: Starspawn of Volturnus (1982). Basically, the players have to unite the sentient inhabitants of the planet (the weird octopus people, the monkey people, the weird tripod squid people, the brainy dinosaurs and a faction of robots) against the incoming Sathar invasion (they’re weird worm people). Most of the factions have a short quest that will ensure their cooperation (I can’t help but think of the loyalty quests in Mass Effect 2) and, after a brief period of time, the final battle arrives.

I don’t love how the final battle is handled — it’s just a mass combat wargame. I didn’t expect much for 1982, but I was still hoping for something more interesting. So that’s a bit of a let down. On the other hand, check out Tim Truman’s cover art of the Sathar riding what may as well be Zoids (remember those toys?). It is pretty hard to complain about that, right?

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