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SF3: Sundown on Starmist (1983)

SF3: Sundown on Starmist (1983) comes with the new trade dress that accompanied the re-release of Star Frontiers under the moniker Alpha Dawn. Clyde Caldwell sets the stage on the cover. Couple observations here. One — I love a pistol with a tube connecting it to a backpack. This is residue from GI Joe toys, I think. Two — I enjoy that the lady is wearing pants but that the scorpion man alien is not. It cheers me to know that Caldwell applies his anti-pants ethos evenly across all species.

The substance of the module is a run-and-gun exploration of an alien planet. It isn’t quite so open and interesting as SF1, but it gets the job done. The central mystery is painfully daft, though, involving mind-wiped aliens, an ancient hovertank and another plot by the Sathar. In this case, though, daft doesn’t matter — if the action is fun and the explosions are big enough, who cares if it makes sense?

Not nearly enough art, though.

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