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SF4: Mission to Alcazzar (1984)

Something about SF4: Mission to Alcazzar (1984) doesn’t inspire much confidence. Maybe it is the Elmore painting, which is fine, but I dunno, off-roading was never my thing and it also gives off a very particular 1984 vibe to me. Maybe its the brown? I dunno. It feels way more GI Joe to me than Star Frontiers, I guess. Which isn’t really a bad thing, more a confusing thing.

But then the interiors of Jeff Easley do a whole lot to dispel my qualms. Holy crap are they gorgeous or what? Despite this, you can definitely judge this one on the cover.

The players are hired by a corporation to investigate a lucrative mining operation on a remote planet that has gone missing. The culprits are a bigger, meaner corporation. There is an intelligent alien population, too — though unlike the other Star Frontiers aliens, these are relatively unimaginative Sasquatch-like hominids. The module is combat heavy and, I dunno, I just can’t get into a story about helping one corporation against another in order to extract resources from a planet that doesn’t belong to them. Maybe that hit differently in the 80s.

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