GURPS Vampire: The Masquerade Companion (1994)

GURPS Vampire: The Masquerade Companion (1994) is a robust expansion of rules, converting the substance of White Wolf’s Vampire Player’s Guide and the Player’s Guide to the Sabbat into universal mechanics. It covers a lot of ground and is pretty thorough in its work. As a rulebook, I have no complaints.

It does feel like the aesthetic shots are pretty wide of the mark here, though. The artist is Shea Ryan, and he did fine in other GURPS/White Wolf books, but this one, I dunno, feels way more Dark Shadows than Masquerade. Again, the art isn’t BAD, it just lacks the gritty urban sub-cultural vibe that I expect, the leather and piercings and weird haircuts and such. That stuff is in here too, but the proportion of dusty old Lestats is high and it bugs me. I do love that bizarre illustration of a Sabbat vampire summoning the devil but how you can’t tell if everyone is scared because the devil just appeared or because he pretty clearly has got his wiener out.

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