GURPS Werewolf: The Apocalypse (1993)

Like the GURPS version of Vampire, GURPS Werewolf: The Apocalypse is pretty good. Again, the GURPS version benefits from the cut and dried GURPS presentation. It is easier to get a grip on the game and its themes, the mechanics are clear, the book is sturdy and well organized. Steve Jackson Games knew what it was doing at this point.

I think the art here is superior, too. White Wolf’s Werewolf never quite found the strong aesthetic that Vampire settled into. The result is this weird sort of urban tribal/urban primitive vibe that feels very 90s in a specific way, but also doesn’t feel super tied to werewolves. And a lot of the depictions of werewolves seems to have more in common with furries than lycanthropes. In the GURPS book, they lean a bit more into the Lon Chaney Wolf Man vibe, which I appreciate.

A side-effect of the GURPS conversion is that it sort of solves the power differential that prevents cross-overs between Vampire and Werewolf using the bespoke Storyteller systems. If that vexed you as a World of Darkness player, this was your fix.

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