Corsairs of the Turku Wastes (1982)

Corsairs of the Turku Wastes (1982) is one of about dozen products created by Judges Guild in support of GDW’s Traveller. Unlike, say, DragonQuest, there was a pretty deep appetite for Traveller material in the early 80s and a lot of small presses were cranking it out.

None of this stuff from Judges Guild is of particular note the way the Gamelords or FASA Traveller zines were. They feel mostly generic, collections of space-theme raw materials for folks to pick apart. They seem a little overpriced for the what they offered. This one is…fine? It’s about pirates. So, like, there’s a pirate ship and a pirate fortress and a jail and…now you have stuff about pirates for Traveller. It isn’t particularly imaginative! You probably could have come up with it on your own, even. But you didn’t have to, because Judges Guild did. Which I guess frees you up for other stuff?

So, the JG Traveller stuff isn’t great, but it could be a whole lot worse, I guess.

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