Rat on a Stick (1982)

This week, I’ve dragged out some of the dregs (mostly) of the Judges Guild catalog — the stuff they did for games that weren’t D&D. Their D&D stuff was of uneven quality from book to book, but with the exception of their RuneQuest stuff, the other game material was dashed off to the printer without half a thought. I’m not going to spend a ton of time on most of these, we’re mostly here to appreciate the old school art and cheap-o reproduction techniques.

This is Rat on a Stick (1982), one of about three modules JG produced for Tunnels & Trolls. This one is novel in that you can either treat it like a regular T&T solo module and go in killing everything that moves…or you can go in and serve all the monsters fast food as the owner of a Rat on a Stick franchise. Like fast food, it isn’t good for you, but it gets the job done and is at least sort of funny.

It always amuses me when I see Kevin Siembieda’s art in one of these. You can tell this whole book was an afterthought, though, because of the weird way they reused Jaquays’s art.

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