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The Milenian Empire (1992)

I haven’t done any of the Known World Gazeteers yet and that is such a massive oversight on my part. They’re such fantastic sourcebooks. The HWR series basically continues the Gazeteer format but for kingdoms of the Hollow World. This one is for The Milenian Empire (1992), which is sort of like Alexandrian Greece. There are some strong Clash of the Titans vibes, which is probably why I like it.

You should know that the Gazetteers are chonky products, containing two booklets in a folder (and usually a big fold-out map, too). The DM book is full of setting information, history, adventure stuff. The one for players contains new skills and character options. You can be a griffon rider, for instance. I would like to be a griffon rider, please.

This is sort of a weird book in some ways. The previous adventures didn’t visit the place, though the Milenians got some attention in the core box set. An adventure does spin out of this sourcebook, but it seems half-hearted in a way. So does this book. These are post-Wrath of the Immortals, which majorly changed the entire Known World (read: kind of screwed it up almost to the point on ruination). Whether you liked the meta event or not, the Known World was on its last legs as a Basic D&D setting. Thunder Rift was the new hotness. The Known World would soon become Mystara for AD&D. You can kind of see some set up for another big meta plot here and in the the wake of Wrath, but it never manifested. Its a bit sad.

Sweet Robh Ruppel cover painting. Bob Klasnich is on the interiors. I don’t really know his work but I like it fine here.

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