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Death on the Reik (2020)

This is the collector’s edition of Death on the Reik (2020), the second two-volume installment in Cubicle 7’s renovation of the classic Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay campaign, Enemy Within. As with all the volumes, this consists of the core adventure and a companion book with optional material. I should take a moment to say that the deluxe feels, well, deluxe. The standard cover art adorns the slipcase, while the book covers are lovely, color-coded, shiny and thematically appropriate, sort of illustrating abstracts that that adventure deals with. In this case, we have Morr, the god of death, and his wife Verena, the goddess of justice. I really like all these cover treatments.

As with the previous volume, the core adventure here is a revamp of the original. I know there are probably significant changes, but I am not super aware of them on a line by line basis. This feels like the same river-born sandbox. If anything, it feels a bit more cohesive and thought out, but I can’t point to a specific reason I feel that way. Fun thing: Grognard sidebars that point out old gripes or give suggestions how to change things up for players who might know what’s coming down the pike.

The companion book brings in some original material that didn’t fit in the main book, like the vampire-centric mini scenario and some source material on river boating. There is also the first installment of the Gravelord scenarios, which I am not sure how I feel about. I think they are maybe OK, a sort of running joke involving a not very good necromancer. I think maybe the biggest problem with them is the idea of adding more length to an already sprawling campaign.

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