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Power Behind the Throne (2021)

This is the collector’s edition of Power Behind the Throne (2021), the third two-volume installment in Cubicle 7’s renovation of the classic Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay campaign, Enemy Within.

As with the previous two volumes, this adventure is already a goddamn masterpiece, so all the extra polish and modern renovations really just make a good thing better. And, given the weight of all the connections and NPCs and histories, the reorganization and the efforts at supporting the GM are welcome additions.

I don’t honestly know how you run the main book without A. The Companion or B. The Middenheim sourcebook (and this is also true of The Horned Rat). Both provide so many details that, if they aren’t necessary, they seem at the very least extremely interesting. There are short adventures, information on the Slaanesh cult, the Jade Scepter, rundowns of even more NPCs, some new, some old, some with alternate options for their running. You need the Companion for the garden party scenario which, for my money, is a fulcrum for the early part of the action, the best way to introduce players to some of the bajillion important NPCs. This a beautiful, but intricate, undertaking. In sum, the first three volumes of Enemy Within take a classic and deck it out in all the luxury a hall of famer deserves.

And this marks the edge of familiar territory. We’re off the map tomorrow. Can this level of quality be maintained?

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