Satanic Panic at Crowley Place Mall (2022)

Satanic Panic at Crowley Place Mall (2022?) is a zine module for the Dead Mall RPG. Within is a bespoke mall with keyed entries detailing its many secrets, which include the ghost of a murdered metalhead, some menacing undead and a mad scientist turned necromancer lairing in the Montgomery Ward! It’s perfect, exactly what I want out of the Dead Mall rules.

And maybe all I want? As much as this is a proof of concept and a perfect companion to the rules pamphlet, I don’t know if I really want more. Maybe I do! I love the concept and am generally up for more mall mayhem. But at the same time, Satanic Panic really does give me everything I want out of the game. I feel like any other malls I might come up with will be inherently derivative of this one.

I sure hope someone proves me wrong on this!

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