UK3: The Gauntlet (1984)

UK3: The Gauntlet (1984) is the wrap-up of the Adlerweg two-parter. The party has obtained the magical artifact (which turns out to be intelligent AND bossy, ugh) and have to set about defeating its foes for it. I hate this. My lone consolation is that it is destroyed at the end of the adventure.

This adventure is far stabbier than the first part. The initial problem is regaining the keep that has served as the prime defense for the region and was recently taken over by an army of evil humanoids led by an ogrillon, who wears the gauntlet that is the enemy of the glove the players have. Once they seize the keep, though, the ogrillon escapes into the keep’s unique (and admittedly pretty cool) magical prison. Meanwhile, a fire giant’s army lays siege to the place in order to free his daughter (also currently also in the magic prison). Eventually, the daughter is freed, the ogrillon slain, the army routed and the nagging glove destroyed (by touching the gauntlet and creating the sort of explosion you expect from a collision of matter and anti-matter). The end!

I like the first one more, mostly because it has xvarts in it and lacks a chatty glove. If it didn’t require the glove’s steering, I’d probably like this one more — I kind of love the idea of taking a keep and then immediately having to defend it — but the fact that it is pretty impossible for the PCs to organically succeed at unraveling the plot without the glove’s commentary is a significant flaw.

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