Korvu (2020)

Looking at the balance of the A Thousand Thousand Island zines (so far!) this week, starting with the sixth: Korvu (2020). I am sure a lot of creative work went into this, but once again, Zedeck Siew and Munkao make it look easy, as though Korvu is a real place they’re describing rather than one they have invented.

Korvu is complicated. Six months of the year, it is drowned, a settlement of rafts, where boats are people, where knight exchange their human heads for those of boat prows, where geese are pets like dogs and sometimes trouble can be found with fish sauce demons. During the dry season, though, the ocean waters recede and Korvu becomes a rice-farming island community, though a shaman must make the soil fertile first. This requires a ritual that pulls the salt from the ground and turns it into an entity called the Salt God, a kind of crystal octopus that is then driven into the sea before it can become dangerous. There is more, but I can’t reveal all the zine’s secrets.

Korvu is my favorite of the Thousand Thousand Islands, I think.

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