Earth Above (2021)

Look at that cover. Man, it is so pretty. Seems a shame to get murdered by something so pleasing to the eye.

The rough outline of Earth Above (2021) matches up with a lot of other Mothership scenarios. There is a facility of some sort — in this case a mining operation — that the players have to enter. Usually that’s because of greed, but in this case, the prime reason is because their ship needs fuel (there are alternate, greed-related motivations provided, however). Of course, something terrible has happened to everyone in the facility, and that terrible thing is about to happen to the players, too!

The primary antagonist is…well, I don’t actually want to tell you, as that is sort of the real appeal of the zine. They’re interesting and well thought out, providing a sort of on-going, evolving and deadly puzzle for players to solve. That’s a little different from most Mothership scenarios, which focus on survival. Surviving is an issue here, too, but to do so requires experimentation and understanding. Cracking the mysteries here is bound to be satisfying, whether the players live or die.

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