Meatgrinder (2021)

Meatgrinder (2021) is a continuation of The Drain (2020)…which…crap, I don’t think I have posted about that yet. OK, so The Drain takes place on a colony ship where prisoners are trapped in a never-ending war. Tasked by their corporate jailers to retrieve an artifact in exchange for their freedom, the zine takes the basic concept of the funnel from Dungeon Crawl Classics and applies it to Mothership. It’s good, and has strong horror videogame flavoring.

Which is appropriate, because so does Meatgrinder! Free of the World War I meets Resident Evil vibes of the colony ship, players continue to fight for their survival in an actual hell modeled quite clearly on DOOM, right down to the videogamey maps. There are seven awful locations to explore where players will encounter ten obscene mockeries of existence whilst searching for anti-relics and possibly mutating into new, terrible forms. Handily, a metaphysical womb near the bloodplains constantly spawns new, naked replacement player characters. Their screaming awakening into sentience ensures that total party kills are only temporary.

It’s a good time!

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